Introducing Our Toddler Program: A Journey

of  Fun and Learning

 At Little Tot’s Learning Daycare, we are thrilled to present our specially designed Toddler Program, tailored to children aged 24 to 35 months. We believe in the power of play-based learning, where curiosity meets exploration, and every day is a new adventure in discovery!

Why Choose Our Toddler Program?

 Play-Based Learning

We understand that children at this age are naturally curious and learn best through hands-on experiences. Our play-based approach ensures that learning is enjoyable and engaging.

 Introduction to Science

Even toddlers can be little scientists! Through age-appropriate activities, we ignite their curiosity about the world around them, fostering a love for science and exploration.

Artistic Expression

Our little artists get messy and creative! From finger painting to crafts, we encourage self-expression and nurture their artistic abilities.

Musical Journey

Music is a universal language, and our toddlers delight in rhythm and melodies. We incorporate music into their daily routines to enhance their auditory and cognitive development.

Language Exploration

As language development is crucial at this stage, we engage toddlers in interactive storytelling, language games, and verbal exercises, fostering communication skills.

Sensory Adventures

Toddlers learn through their senses, and we provide a safe environment for them to explore touch, taste, sight, smell, and listening in stimulating ways.

Our Caring and Well-Trained Staff

Our passionate and experienced staff is committed to your child’s growth and happiness. Trained in early childhood education, they adapt their approach to each child’s unique personality, ensuring a positive experience that caters to individual needs.

Building on Infant Program Foundations

Our Toddler Program builds upon the developmental areas from our Infant Program, strengthening language and social skills, nurturing emotional intelligence, and encouraging cognitive growth.

Discover the Joy of Learning at Little Tot’s

Join us on this magical journey where learning is seamlessly integrated into everyday life, and each moment is an opportunity for exploration and wonder. Give your toddler the gift of fun-filled education at Little Tot’s Learning Daycare!
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